Peach Druzy Quartz Gemstone Cabochon 10mm Round FOR ONE

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Product Description

Gemstone Cabochon

Quartz, Agate

Druzy Drusy Druse

Drusy gemstone cabochons are natural stones, having a quartz base (for these gems it is agate) and a thin layer of crystalline quartz on the surface that sparkles. These drusy cabs have gone through a process called electoplating to their top surface where the crystals are. Electroplating actually uses electrical current to attach metal particles to the gemstone, giving them a permanent color, in this case, the deep blue metallic finish.

***Drusy crystal cabochons are a fairly hard gemstone, but because of the exposed crystals, some care must be taken when setting, cleaning, and wearing these stones. They are best set in pendants or earrings, and are not really suitable for rings and bracelets. That is because you can scratch the coating off a coated drusy, or break a crystal if you bang the cabochon too hard. Custom designed jewelry with drusy cabochons are best used for dress up, rather than every day wear.

***FOR THE JEWELER: To protect the beautiful finish on these gemstones against inadvertent abrasion, we recommend covering the surface with a clear plastic while you position and set them into your bezel. Place a soft cloth between the stone and the work surface to protect the underside of the stone as well. Please remember that the metallic coatings are not thick, so NEVER machine-buff the surface of coated druzy.

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Approx. 4-5mm tall

FOR ONE - each cabochon is unique because they are cut around the crystals, which all form differently from gem to gem.

Peach Druzy Quartz Gemstone Cabochon 10mm Round FOR ONE Peach Druzy Quartz Gemstone Cabochon 10mm Round FOR ONE Peach Druzy Quartz Gemstone Cabochon 10mm Round FOR ONE

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