Welcome to Adornajoy Gems!

Hello. My name is Mary Ann T. and I am the owner of Adornajoy Gems. The portrait photo you see is of myself and my cat, Tiger, who is the inspiration for my store. Tiger was adopted as a kitten to be my studio buddy and help when I started this business.

Adornajoy Gems has been in business since 2007 online. We started out on Etsy and now we are expanding to Zibbet. We are located in Eureka, California, that is Northern CA, close to the border of Oregon, on the coast, where the redwoods grow.

We specialize in semi-precious gemstone cabochons that are calibrated, or standardized in size. These gems are measured in millimeters and I normally carry from 4mm to 10mm in size. Larger sizes can be special ordered. We also carry free form and larger cabochons, and faceted gemstones.

Gemstone Cabochons and Faceted Gems to Inspire Your Creativity!

Welcome to Adornajoy Gems!

We carry a large selection of high quality semi-precious gems, in cabochons and faceted gemstones, at excellent prices. That, combined with superior customer service, make Adornajoy Gems an exceptional place to shop.