Labradorite Gemstone Cabochon Oval 15x11mm

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Product Description

Gemstone Cabochon



Approx. 15x11mm and approximately 6.5mm tall.

Labradorite - translucent brownish-grayish stone with beautiful blue reflection to it.

This gem is much prettier than my photos. It has a deep blue fire to it.

***Does have inclusions.

***Inclusions are characteristics which are inside a stone or extend to the inside from the surface. They are normal within gemstones and most do not affect the structural integrity of the stone. These include:

- Clouds- hazy areas in a stone
- Needles- long thin inclusions, also called growth tubes
- Cracks- also called fractures, breaks or feathers. Straight flat cracks are called cleavages.
- Halos- circular fractures
- Growth or Color Zoning- uneven color distribution in a stone
- Cavities- holes or indentations extending from the surface into the stone
- Chips- notches or chips

Labradorite Gemstone Cabochon Oval 15x11mm

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